What we do

We Help Businesses Identify Talent At A Glance

Automated Video Interview System powered by AI, enabling candidates to express themselves freely while ensuring self-regulation and monitoring.
We know first hand how hard Recruitment can be and how frustrating it is to work hours on end and have no shows and sub par candidates in interviews.

Higly customizable

Every part of the system can be customized for sub-departments within the organization

Simplified workflow

Simple flow for applicant, taking interview and assesment

Cross platform

Work seamlessly across all devices and platform

Benefits For Recruiter

Recruiter can make smarter selection and informed decision with the insight generated from video analysis

  • Only minutes to set up interview and send to many candidates with a single click
  • Overall time-to-hire and recruitment costs reduced by 50%
  • Set questions based on role, competency and cultural fit
  • See Personality, hear candidates articulate and see their body language

Benefits For The Candidates

Applicant No need to scheduee time off work anymore, he/she can complete at a time that suit him/her

  • Ability to demonstrate skills, motivation and enthusiasm
  • Eliminate Travel Time and cost
  • Structured, fair and transparent process
  • Candidates can showcase their personality